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The Effect X Helmet offers s top level of protection and ventilation in this Advanced Composite Technology (ACT) design that pairs carbon composite panels in the top, rear, and sides of an in-mold polycarbonate shell. This construction technology offers vastly improved strength and durability with a minimal weight penalty. With the adjustable VTT3 vent system, the revolutionary MIPS® Brain Protection System, standard RCS dial fit adjustment system and Fidlock SNAP magnetic buckle, the Effect X handles the big hits just as well as the mundane tasks. Do it, wear it, and go big with confidence.

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So, let me start with the fact that I tested this helmet in a way that you never want to test a helmet. I put this on and it was the absolute most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. Secondly, the temperature difference between open vent and closed is absolutely perfect. It works great with my Annon 3 goggles and just looks cool. So, I took an edge on my board and impacted head first with the spring ice and then somehow wrapped my legs in a knot and drove the edge of the board into the back of my helmet. With no helmet this would have been a concussion blow. Myold helmet would have probably cracked and and this would have rung my bell pretty good. With the new Pret Effect X not only did I not get injured, the helmet showed absolutly no damage. A+ rating for comfort, safety and most importantly style.

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The Effect X Helmet offers unparalleled performance and safety for the hardest charging skiers and riders. Featuring MIPS technology for superior safety, ACT polycarbonate construction for lightweight performance, and fully adjustable VTT3 Ventilation, it has you covered in the sketchiest of situations. Plus, features like a SNAP Fidlock Magnetic Buckle System, RCS Fit System, and removable Covert Ear Cover System take the hassle out of wearing a helmet.

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